Quarterly Report: April-June 2021

Dear Members,

This is a summary report for the past three months (April to June 2021) to illustrate what’s happening within SAHPA:

SAHPA Office

Number of Learner Pilot Permits issued9
Number of Foreign Pilot Permits issued8
Number of Membership Renewals (local pilots)
Number of Complaints received0
Number of Incidents reported8
Number of Accidents reported3
Number of Fatalities reported0
Number of Unlicensed Pilots reported to SAHPA0
Number of Unlicensed Pilots reported to SACAA0

Incidents, Accidents & Fatalities

  • Pilot stalled wing, broke ankle at Lions Head in May 2021
  • Pilot stalled wing, landed on ledge on Table Mountain in June 2021


  • SAHPA Committee (2 May 2021)
  • SAHPA Committee (13 June 2021)
  • Safety Seminar (28 June 2021)
  • CARCOM (29 June 2021)

Project Updates

ProjectProgress updateStatus
Part 106Currently with CARCOM working committeeIn progress
Declared Training OrganisationAwaiting promulgation of regulationsIn progress
SAHPA Site GuideOngoing, 1 site added per weekIn progress
Member DatabaseRequirements Analysis PhaseIn progress
SAHPA Site Guide VideoProof of conceptPlanning
Virtual Safety SeminarDelivered 30 June 2021Complete

Summary Report compiled by the SAHPA Office.