Macassar Dunes

The Macassar Dunes are part of a 1116-hectare coastal nature reserve. This is a sadly neglected nature reserve which includes a number of abandoned, derelict buildings. There is also plenty of litter buried under the shifting sand-dunes, presumably due to illegal dumping.


  • South-South-West (SSW) to South-East (SE)


  • GPS:
  • Altitude: 10m high
  • Airspace Ceiling 100m ASL (by permission in controlled airspace).


This is a Bird Sanctuary and environmentally sensitive. Avoid nesting birds (cliff areas) and the ‘grass’ launch site. Launch +- 500m East of the highest cliffs, where the small carpark leads to a sandy channel. Lay out in the sandy patch before the cliff, and beware of the lip rotor which will try to collapse your wing as you walk to the edge.


Topland with caution, or turn left and soar to the lower beach, or right to the carpark where the dunes cease (only reachable if its soarable).

Cautionary notes

The wind often increases in speed quite rapidly, and it will soon be unflyable for normal sized gliders.


  • City of Cape Town,


Contact ATC prior to flying, on (021) 9371116. Last pilot down phone again. Fly at cliff-height – please don’t go up more than 40m – you are in controlled airspace (TMA of Cape Town International Airport). In a S wind, the planes are landing from the far (N) end of the runway, so you don’t cause a problem if you remain low. Police have grounded ‘high’ pilots in the past.

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