• All Hang and Paragliding launch sites approvals are approved for Sport and Recreational hang and paragliding operations, by members of the ARO and clubs approved herein.
  • A 1 NM Radius is applied to all Hang and Paragliding launching sites. Hang and Paragliders are to remain clear of all controlled airspace as published in the IAIP when leaving the defined launching sites listed here.
  • Any operations to be conducted within Controlled Airspace require approval from the relevant ATSU and/or Letter of Procedure (LoP) with the ATSU.
  • Hours of operations are always Sunrise-Sunset unless otherwise specified
  • Please refer to the CAA Aeronautical Information Publication (ENR 5.5) for a full list of authorised paragliding sites.

List of Sites (under construction)

Site NameLocationSite GradingSite Fees
PortervillePorterville, Western CapeBasicYes
Lions HeadCape Town, Western CapeBasicWildcard Required
Signal HillCape Town, Western CapeSportWildcard Required
Table MountainCape Town, Western CapeSportWildcard Required
LlandudnoCape Town, Western CapeBasicWildcard Required
McLears BeaconCape Town, Western CapeSportWildcard Required
Woodcutters HutCape Town, Western CapeSportWildcard Required
Sir Lowrys PassCape Town, Western CapeBasicNo
Map of AfricaWilderness, Western CapeStudentYes
SedgefieldSedgefield, Western CapeStudentYes
KleinkrantzWilderness, South AfricaStudentNo
Langebaan DunesLangebaan, Western CapeStudentYes