SAHPA will issue various notices and announcements to members, and the SAHPA website will be the definitive source of these notices. These notices will then be disseminated to members through various platforms like email, whatsapp groups and Facebook.

General Notices

Safety Notices

  • Safety Notices are specific directives from the Safety Officer, aimed at both normal members and instructors.

COVID Notices

  • COVID Notices include directives related to hygiene, lockdown restrictions and any other information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Notices

  • Community Notices include any announcements regarding Competitions, Fly-ins, Social Events and Promotions. Clubs that wish to promote their events are to send a notice to the SAHPA office for publishing.


  • Newsletters are specifically community-submitted content published by SAHPA as the In-the-loop Newsletter.

Press Releases

  • In the interests of transparency, SAHPA will issue Press Releases for serious accidents and fatalities. By law, SAHPA may not investigate or speculate on the causes of accidents. Each press release will thus confirm only the date and location of an accident, and not include opinions, evidence or eye-witness accounts.