Background & history

SAHPA is an acronym for the South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association which has the following scope of included sports:

  • paragliders (PG)
  • hang gliders (HG)
  • powered paragliders (PPG)
  • powered hang gliders (PHG)
  • para-trikes

All pilots that part take in these sports must be licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), as required by the Civil Aviation Act. Please see Legislation & Regulations for more information.


SAHPA is a membership-based association for hang-gliding and paragliding (including powered versions) in South Africa. We aim to promote, protect and administer free flying in South Africa.


People are sometimes confused about the potential overlap between SAHPA, AeroClub and SACAA.

SAHPA is a membership organisation which administers and promotes the sport, and facilitates administration of licences with SACAA.


  • The Aero Club of SA pro-actively promotes, protects, and preserves all forms of sport and recreational aviation in South Africa.
  • The Aero Club of South Africa maintains and upholds the rights and privileges of its members through various disciplines of flight.
  • The Aero Club preserves all forms of free flight and safe-guarding our right to share the South African skies.
  • The Aero Club protects the rights of all members and sections from oppressive requirements and restrictions from Aviation authorities and other bodies.
DescriptionSAHPAAero ClubSACAA
Facilitate Applications & RenewalsYesNoNo
Issue LicenceNoNoYes